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Beyond Sound

Unlock a new dimension of music by turning listening into a full body sensation. By pairing audio with tactile bass, Crescendo Research creates an embodied listening experience. Transform music into something beyond sound.

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Experience music like never before with our cutting-edge  tactile bass, bringing the power of low-frequency vibrations to life and immersing you in a world of intense, palpable sound.


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Elevate your audio journey with our tactile bass systems, designed to deliver an electrifying blend of deep, resonant bass and immersive vibrations that will ignite your senses.


Unlock the true potential of your music and be transported to a realm where you not only hear the bass, but feel it too.

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Listening Reimagined

From pieces designed to fit seamlessly into existing spaces, to festival sized custom installations, our technology enables us to deliver the power and depth of tactile vibration anywhere your music takes you.

For therapeutic and wellness applications, solo journeys, and deep listening experiences with a partner, the Crescendo Daybed is a perfect fit in any room.

Whether it's a tactile dance floor to pump the bass without damaging your ears, or a group listening experience to share, Crescendo Bass Tiles provide a modular system to realize your vision. Imagination is the limit.

What People Say

"As a music therapist (board certified) that was one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had."

Emily S.

"Hypnotic and meditative! I would love this in my apartment to relax

Amber L.

"Gave me the same experience as a concert"

Sarah M.

"I vibed the F out. Doesn’t make sense how awesome this is."

Andrew T.

  • What is the experience of using Crescendo Research Products?
    Imagine feeling music with your entire body, like laying on a massive body-sized speaker without the risk of tinnitus. The pairing of audio with tactile bass turns listening into an embodied experience. Feel the lows move through your body while listening to the audio through headphones or speakers. Lie down on a mattress custom built for comfort and high-fidelity vibration transfer, dance the night away on a tactile dance floor, or relax in a bass lounge. With options for direct sale products, or custom designed installations, Crescendo Research is ready to go wherever the music takes you.
  • What are the Crescendo Daybed and Crescendo Bass Tiles?
    The Crescendo Daybed is a twin-xl size daybed that fully integrates the tactile-audio technology developed by Crescendo Research. Allowing you to listen to music through headphones or a connected speaker system while feeling the bass through your body. Sink into a solo listening experience or get cozy with a partner. Perfect for: home use, plug-and-play experiences, wellness spaces, therapeutic applications. Learn More Crescendo Bass Tiles provide a modular system to create both highly portable and permanent tactile-audio experiences. From a single tile for one person, to festival sized installations to fit a crowd, Crescendo Bass Tiles provide a perfect system for realizing the vision for any embodied music experience. Perfect for: group listening, lounge spaces, dance floors. Learn More
  • How do your products work? Are there subwoofers built into them?
    There are no subwoofers built into Crescendo products; we use what are called tactile transducers. They are very similar to a speaker driver, but turn audio signals into tactile vibration rather than audible noise. Speakers and subwoofers need to be set to very loud volumes in order to create the physical sensation of feeling the music that you’ll find with Crescendo Research’s products. So rather than blowing out your ears with big speakers, we use transducers. This is how we create a powerful somatic music experience, without needing to drive up the volume to dangerous levels. When you’re in direct contact with the vibration source, you’ll feel the high-fidelity vibrations. Once you’re no longer in contact, there’s very little noise generated by the tactile systems in our products.
  • What are the benefits of using Crescendo Research products?
    What are the benefits of using Crescendo Research products? Sensory Regulation: The somatic vibration can support nervous system regulation, helping soothe moods and relax breathing. Users have reported experiencing reduced triggers for sensory processing issues, and a reduction in intensity to anxious states after using Crescendo Research products. Deepen your practice: People have noted the ability to access meditative states more quickly while practicing with Crescendo products, as well as deepening the effects of yoga, bodywork, and breathwork. Premium listening experience: Experience your favorite music with full bodied bass, reaching new heights of audio and tactile fidelity. Feel the music with your body, and discover a previously unknown depth to music. Reduced risk of tinnitus and hearing loss: Feel the powerful rumble of the bass in music while listening at moderate volume levels, reducing the risk of tinnitus and long term hearing damage. All of this without losing the vibrant somatic experience of music that comes with listening on a large sound system. Immersive experiences: Find yourself immersed in a palpable world of sound. When you begin experiencing sound with your whole body, you’ll unlock the realm of somatic listening. Immerse yourself in music and movies in an exciting new way. Additionally, when paired with other visual arts, our tactile sound system can create unique sensory journeys that transport you to new realms of thinking and possibilities. Up the party vibes: Figuratively and literally. Create a focal point of your living room and party and up the vibrations of your musical experience while fostering a space to draw people in to experience, dance, or get closer together.
  • What are some of the applications for Crescendo Bass Tiles?
    Lounge spaces for clubs or festivals: Elevate your bottle service experience with a bassy lounge space at the club, or create a relaxing VIP lounge area at a music festival where people can stay immersed in the music. Crescendo Bass Tiles can be built for permanent spaces or for easy disassembly and transport. Tactile dance floors: Pump the bass from the ground up through your feet. Feel the bass coursing through your body, driving the energy of your dance event to new levels. Group listening experiences: If you want to share a deep listening experience with a group of people, a Crescendo Bass Tile installation can provide the perfect setting. Immerse your group in embodied vibration together. For retreat spaces, ceremonies, group therapy, or a soft space to cuddle up to loved ones. The size of a Crescendo Bass Tile installation is limited only by the availability of power at the desired location. The number of tiles, and amplification required to run them can be scaled to any size. We offer both rental and purchase options for Crescendo Bass Tile installations. Contact us to learn more.
  • Is the Crescendo Daybed suitable for use in my clinic and wellness space?
    Yes, the Crescendo Daybed was built with wellness and therapeutic applications in mind. Whether music is already a part of your existing modality or not, the addition of a somatic listening experience can be a powerful potentiator to your existing practice. For music therapy, ketamine assisted therapies, psychedelic therapy, children and adults with sensory regulation needs, and people in the deaf and hard of hearing community, we’re excited to deliver the best somatic music experience possible.
  • What makes this a high-fidelity experience? Can I just buy a tactile transducer and bolt it to my couch?
    You can, and that’s exactly what a lot of people do with tactile transducers currently. However, you’ll find a stark contrast between the experience of music from a transducer bolted into a piece of furniture vs Crescendo Research’s systems which are designed to deliver the highest quality tactile listening experience available. Bolting a transducer to a couch is a lot like muffling your speakers under a pile of pillows, sure you’ll generate some noise, but all of the quality and fidelity of the experience will be lost. Everything that Crescendo Research builds is designed from the ground up to deliver precise tactile fidelity. We’ve selected every component in our systems through rigorous testing and engineering principles focused on delivering the best experience. With our custom-designed panels, we ensure that the transients in musical signals are faithfully reproduced, so you can feel and hear the music as a complete embodied experience.
  • Do I need to get any additional equipment to use a Crescendo Daybed?
    The Crescendo Daybed is designed to be a plug-and-play device. All you need is your phone, tablet, or any other device capable of playing music, and you’re ready to go! The Crescendo Daybed comes with an integrated WiM audio streamer, so you can cast music from your favorite app, connect with bluetooth, or a wired connection if you’d prefer. If you want to wirelessly synchronize your Crescendo Daybed with an existing audio system, you can purchase an additional WiiM audio streamer. This enables you to wirelessly synchronize another audio device directly with your Crescendo Daybed.
  • Do I need to listen to special music that works with Crescendo Research products?
    No need for special music. You can listen to whatever music you like! There’s no need for custom content or special apps. The vibrations generated by Crescendo Research products work with the low frequency elements in music, so anything with a strong bass element will feel best. Find new depth to music you’ve listened to for years, or discover new music to sink into. If you’re looking to go on a musical journey, we also maintain curated playlists on Spotify for a variety of genres. With music hand-picked by us and other music lovers in the Crescendo community, you can find a variety of music for any mood.
  • I’m interested in a Crescendo Daybed but would love a larger size so I can fit more people in my listening experience. Is this possible?
    If you can dream it, we can make it. While we sell the Crescendo Daybed as a direct sale product, we also design and deliver custom builds. You can reach out to us through our contact form, and we’ll design the perfect fit for your vision.
  • Will the vibrations travel through the floor and annoy my neighbors?
    We design our products to maximize the vibration to the user while minimizing vibrations lost into the floor. We want all of that wonderful somatic sensation to go where it’s supposed to: straight to you! However, we can’t get rid of 100% of vibration into the surrounding floor, so we offer vibration isolation pads you can add to your Crescendo Daybed legs to add another layer of isolation between the vibrations and the floor. If you’re still worried, feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be happy to discuss your concerns further.
  • Is there something we missed?
    Feel free to reach out to us directly through our contact form or and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.
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